Rocket League Prices an explosive combination of monster

Rocket League Prices an explosive combination of monster


While Psyonix isn concerned about the battle royale genre or any other gaming trends, it is still bringing some changes to Rocket League.?It plans to revamp its XP system and will introduce the Rocket Pass this summer, which will allow every match played to count toward unlockables ?even if the player skill is maxed out. Psyonix will also give out exclusive rewards in its Automated Ranked Tournaments and will be adding the option for cross-platform parties so that players can join friends?teams regardless of what system they play on.

Davis said that Psyonix is onsidering additional changes?such as converting the sports modes, including Hoops, Rumble, Dropshot, and Snow Day, into competitive modes in the future.Despite changes and lags in player count, Davis assures the fanbase, Rocket League?isn going anywhere.

ELEAGUE and the creators of Rocket League announced their partnership on Wednesday as they come together for a televised tournament. They calling the event The ELEAGUE Cup: Rocket League 2018, and will pit players across the world against each other for a prize of $150,000.

For those that don know, Rocket League Prices an explosive combination of monster trucks and soccer. It maintained a huge fan base across PS4, PC, XBox and even the Switch.The tournament begins on Sunday, Nov. 30 and runs through Dec. 2. Fans can catch all the action via Twitch, or the ELEAGUE website itself. The highlights will be on TBS, but those don抰 start airing until the following Friday, Dec. 7. Any Rocket League junkies based in Atlanta can even snag free tickets to the show on Dec. 1 and 2.